Well I’ve almost made it through the first week of T25. I have to do the second Friday workout tomorrow, since I knew that right now there would be no way for me to do the double workout today.

I’ve noticed that since I’m heavier than I was when I originally did T25 back in 2013, some of the workouts are a little harder this time around. No surprise since I’m probably about 20 pounds heavier than I was four years ago when I first started it. My abs are totally weak, to where I was only able to make it half way through the ab workout yesterday–so I may try to fit in the second half tomorrow–or maybe do a double tomorrow and see if I can make it through the ab workout in its entirety.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that when it comes to doing lunges–I can do them on the left side (where the right leg goes back), but when I try to do them on the right side, I can’t seem to get the left leg back far enough to be able to bend it, or the big toe starts to flare in pain.

So what to do about that? I think I’m going to google lunges and see if there is a totally baby starting position for them and that way I can work my way up to the “normal”, or I’m going to have to find a substitute move for the lunges.

I’m looking at this portion of my fitness journey as the path of getting fit and healthy while being true to myself and knowing the limitations and working within those limitations, but not using them as an excuse for not doing a move or exercise.  Yes, I have “knock-knees” to where I’m bow-legged–but I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying to do my best at lunges, Pilates, and yoga.

Now is the time to embrace my strengths, my weaknesses, and my flaws. By embracing them, both the weaknesses and flaws can turn into strengths. No one is perfect, we just need to try to be better than we were yesterday.