So the year is winding down quickly now. Christmas is less than two weeks away (I guess I need to finish my shopping), which means its less than three weeks until we welcome in a new year.

One thing I’m going to try to do more often next year is posting–I’d been doing numerous posts when I started, and then they dwindled down. I’m thinking that there will be at least two-three posts a week (a post on what my weekly goals/challenges are; a post on how I did to meet those goals (probably with a pic or two); and then the third [and possibly fourth+] will be a book review, post on a science topic, update on a craft project, or something to that extent).

I do have some biggish goals for the next year, and probably the only to reach them is to write them down, break them down into monthly, then weekly, and then finally daily goals. These goals are going to range from landing a new career in either biotech or biopharma, to finally starting to lose weight again, to moving and embracing a more minimalism style, and a few others as well.

So some new pages will be added (with pages linked to those as well), and more blog posts will be getting posted. More pictures as well, and I am hoping to upgrade my digital camera over the next year or so, that way if I want to get some good pictures of the full/super moons I can do that (and who knows may be a solar eclipse or two as well).

So stay tune for the new year.