While I didn’t manage to actually be able to take a picture today–one it was too cold outside to do any type of outdoor photography, and while there are few things inside at work I could have taken a picture of–the times I walked passed them I usually had my hands full or I forgot that I wanted to take the photos.

Chewi sleeping on the dog bed

So day two of the challenge is a picture of another one of our pets–this time my dog Chewi (named because 1–she chewed on everything as a puppy, and 2–as a puppy she was a little ball of fuzz and looked slightly like Chewbecca from Star Wars [and yes I know that that Chewi was male and mine is female]). She always likes to curl up where she can keep an eye on where everyone is–though yesterday morning, she just wanted to catch a few extra zzzs.

She is a little over fifteen, and just starting to slow down a little–I’d always joke that she only had two speeds–Mach 1 and warp. She actually bent a metal stake one year on vacation when she lunged after a rabbit while tied out in a relative’s side yard. So now whenever the weather warms up enough for a walk around the neighborhood lake, I have to remember that we can no longer do the entire route, like we could even a year or two ago–in dog years she is 100 (give or take, since she is a mix), and finally realizing that point.