Well nothing says the age we’re living in like having to update our electronics. I’ve been at this for over a day and right now am also on line with tech support to see what I can do about it.  It seems that the installer never wanted to finish installing on my computer to do the update to High Sierra. I’m now totally leery about trying to do the latest update (even though I know it will protect against all types of viruses and other problems). I just don’t want to go through the headache of wondering if I’m going to lose everything on the computer (either through the computer upgrade or me losing my temper with the speed of the update and doing something to the computer 🙂 ). So for now I’ve decided that I’ll step back and maybe try to do a step by step update from the operating system that I have instead of a leap from what I have to the one they suggest.

trying to update


Aren’t computers fun………I think they’re so much fun that this one is grounded from any type of updates until further notice (I didn’t like feeling like I broke my computer with no money to fix or replace it).  Here is hoping that the week will go better than how it started.