Today’s photographs are brought to you by the crazy cat trio of the house: Waffles, Pancakes, and Pyewicket.

Each sleeping in their respected corner

It is extremely difficult to get all three cats in the same picture (and when they do cooperate by sleeping on the same bed, the lighting is too poor for picture taking)–I think it may have happened once, and if I can find the picture I’ll post that one as a throwback to when they were all sleeping and ignoring each other.

The top picture features Pancakes (aka Panther, aka Pansy, aka Pan-Pan) and Pyewicket (aka Pye, aka Pye-Pye, aka Pi**-Pot [for her temperament at times). These two were both sleeping on my parents bed, though Pancakes had grabbed Pye’s position. Usually when Pancakes is sleeping on their bed, its curled up under the covers  and all you see is a lump. So it was a little unusual to see Pancakes sleeping on top of the covers instead of under them (See Monday’s photography entry).

Waffles watching the antics in the kitchen

This beautiful Russian Blue cat is Waffles (aka Awful-Waffles, aka the Blue Blob [for how she hugs the ground and moves when there are thunderstorms]). She was watching the dogs in the kitchen from the edge of the dining room table. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t like animals on the furniture, but we truthfully don’t care unless we’re eating–then they of course aren’t allowed on the table (though Pancakes does try to lay in my lap as I’m eating–bad habit from Boston).

Waffles will jump on the table in the evenings after I’m done feeding the dogs and demand (by head butting) her scritches around the head and back. She will occasionally demand to be picked up and carried around on my shoulder (but that is more of Pye’s habit); whereas Pancakes will wait until I’m sitting (or working on the computer) before she jumps into my lap and makes herself comfortable.

Do your cats have any strange habits?