Well it is another start to a full week of work. It has been a strange month–we started with a four day week, had a full week, then another four day week, now have nothing but full weeks until the end of May (unless I use up some leave time to handle a few other things). I decided that this morning I was going to take some photos of the cats, since they were all up and about at the same time this morning.

First up: Waffles,

What is this thing???

Waffles is know for getting right up in your face if you are sitting at the dining room table and she wants attention. She isn’t afraid to push her self under your hand, so that in theory you have no choice but to pet her. I was trying to get a picture of her sitting at the table, but every time I took a picture, she shifted slightly. This was one where she basically pushed her face towards the phone.

I think it is a nice selfie for the Russian blue of the house. She acts slightly standoffish a lot of the time, but is actually a loving cat (vocal, but loving).

Yes, I see you…….

Second up is Pancakes. She is my actual cuddle bug–she will sit on my lap no matter where I’m at (as long as there aren’t dogs around to grumble at her). She usually spends a good ten minutes or more on my lap in the mornings.

As I’m typing this, she is sprawled in my lap, with her chin resting on my forearm (which makes it difficult at times to work on the computer). I think I interrupted her playing with a hair tie.

And last but not least, its:

Why are you paying attention to her???

Pyewicket, our calico cat. Pye is another one that goes to the beat of her own drummer. She usually won’t jump into a lap to cuddle, but she will demand a shoulder to sit on–preferably when you’re walking, that way she can see the house from a different view. She is now our oldest cat (though she is only about a year and a half older than the other two), and she does try to keep the “young ones” in check–usually bright and early running up and down the hall.

Do you have cats? How many/what kind? Do they run up and down the halls?