Well today was an off day in so many ways, while I feel like I hardly got anything accomplished–I also know that it is just a single day, and that tomorrow is a new day for me to make sure that I get what I want accomplished.

Someone didn’t like their nap being disturbed

It seems that it is mainly on the weekends that these two are willing to share the same sleeping space (or at least the same close proximity sleeping space). They both have similar, yet different, personalities with little quirks that again are similar but different. For example–they both like laying on my shoulder–but Pancake prefers it when I’m sitting down, whereas Pyewicket prefers it when I’m moving around in the house (that way she gets a free ride, and a change in the view–things obviously look vastly different when you’re always running around on the floor, and then when you’re riding on someone’s shoulder).

Her laser eye look in the picture though seems to have summed up my day–I want it done with, only because I know that tomorrow is a fresh start and I can do better than what I did today. Though if the temperatures are correct, the no-spend day might not happen until Tuesday. But there are times when I wish I could just say “I’m done with being an adult, and that I’m going to be a cat today instead”, I think it would be nice sleeping most of the day (though it would mess up with the internal clock).