Well decided that today’s photography challenge, would be an update on my latest craft project.  I decided that I needed to spend time doing more crafts, both those that I’m good at and ones that I need to learn or practice.

One of the crafts that I enjoy doing is knitting.  I’ve never been one to really follow a pattern (the first afghan I did–I followed directions since I was learning–but since then I’ve done my own thing). The afghans that I’ve knitted have run the size range from normal size to ones that could double as a blanket on a queen size bed.

Latest craft project

This afghan is probably going to be large enough to cover a full size bed as a blanket by the time I’m done knitting it. The ball of yarn is made by tying together fifteen different skeins of yarn to make one large abstract ball of yarn. I never know which color is coming next right now until I get to it. I do know that hopefully within the next hundred rows or so, I should be hitting the region where the mutli-colored yarn is between some black yarn.

Currently the afghan is consists of two hundred stitches cast onto the knitting needles, and I’m making my own diamond pattern within it. I will update sporadically throughout the year as I continue working on it.