Its the first day of trying to find yet another new routine. Another day of realizing that routines have been changed, and that there will always be a Spelunkers size hole in our hearts. So, I decided that I was going to take a couple pictures of the cats today. And, well the temperatures tanked again today–I’m not even sure if we got into the twenties. This is the part of winter that I don’t like, the temperatures riding the roller coaster of going between say the sixties one day and then not even hitting freezing the next day.

Waffles sleeping on the animal bed

Since it was such a dreary day, I managed to catch at least two of the three cats napping somewhere in the house.

Waffles likes to sleep on the animal bed, since it is the perfect size for the cats (it was originally bought for one of the dogs, but when it came we found out it was actually too small for the dog [we do have a small dog, but she doesn’t like it]). Pyewicket likes to sit in the bed, but doesn’t really lay in it. And truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pancakes on it (even to sit).

Someone wanted to make a nest

Then there is good ole Pyewicket. She decided today that she was going to make a nest on my parents bed using their red and black checkered afghan. I also think that this is the reason why Pancakes was glaring at everything from the chair–she could climb under the covers because the cat on top of the bed at pulling at them. Pyewicket has been getting in the habit lately of trying to make nests out of just about anything to find a warmer area of the house to sleep in (I guess she doesn’t like the yo-yo temperatures either).