Well I realized that I only managed to post two fitness challenges last year, and only completed one of them. Somehow January sped past before I could even think of a fitness challenge that I wanted to either offer or complete myself.

So I decided that I’m going to approach the fitness challenges the same way I’m approaching my workout and nutrition–slowly. So since this month is almost halfway over, I decided that I’d offer a fitness challenge for the rest of the month. This challenge is a combination of squats, crunches, and plank.

Mini February Fitness Challenge

The squats can be either the basic squat, or more advanced (since I didn’t specify–do the type that 1) you want; and 2) you can do with proper form), the crunches will be basic, and the plank can be done either on your knees or your toes (again do whichever one you can hold with proper form).

I’m trying to make 2018 the year that I’m able to commit to getting back on to the path of health and fitness. I’m not looking to be a certain size or actual weight–I just want to be healthy and proud of what I see in the mirror.