Well today is one of those little known holidays–Valentines Day, or as everyone usually calls today Wednesday.  I remember as a child having to have my parents pick up the large pack of valentines cards for kids so that I could make sure that everyone in class always got one, and then decorate my container for my cards that I would receive.

As I’ve gotten older, I really don’t pay that much attention to the consumer holidays such as Valentines Day. I mean if it was really a holiday, we’d have a day off of work. The notion of Valentines Day, is in theory nice, but it also leaves out everyone who isn’t in a relationship for whatever reason.

Tiramisu for dessert

So to celebrate not being in a relationship I decided that I was going to eat my tiramisu tonight instead of waiting for breakfast (this way I can have a slightly upset stomach this evening instead of being in a sugar coma during working hours tomorrow).

This is one dessert that I really want to learn how to make, and that way I can have it whenever I want–and I wouldn’t have to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner (or to get takeout).

So happy Wednesday everybody, and remember to treat everyone with kindness and compassion–you don’t know the road they’re on, just like they don’t know the road you’re on.