Well the weather has been wintery the past couple of days. The weekend was nice late spring weather (upper fifties and low sixties). Then a winter storm has slowly pushed through the area. The winter weather has caused things to be shut down early the past two days, and everyone was smart and decided to just not open tomorrow.

So tomorrow, I get to 1) sleep in a little (though that isn’t really good for trying to work on keeping to a certain sleep schedule–which is something I’m still working on); 2) a little bit of cleaning; and then 3) work on some personal and professional development.

With the personal and professional development–I have quite a bit of reading to catch up on. I’ve been trying to do thirty minutes of reading (non-fiction) a day. There are a large number of books that I’m working through, though with the mild bout of depression (due to losing Spelunkers) I haven’t done much personal/professional development reading over the past two weeks. So I need to play catch up for awhile.

I also have several different e-course bundles and other online material that I need to start working through. Plus, the major chore of trying to narrow down my career path choices from the half a dozen or so that I have an idea about to hopefully just one to three. I’ve been told that I can spend about ten percent of my work week (which is probably about five hours [an hour a day] working on professional development. Which is why I need to narrow down the career path choice, so I can also focus my development time at work to be working on specific tasks.