Today’s photo is brought to you by both Pancakes and Jaws. This photo was actually taken last night before bed, when Jaws was swimming around and caught Pancakes’ attention. She bounded over, stood up, and tapped on the aquarium to try to get Jaws attention (though I think Jaws was preoccupied with eating algae).

Pancakes saying hello to Jaws

Pancakes loves to tap on the various aquariums when the fish are swimming about, especially with Jaws since it is so large (I think my last rough measurement of it, it was about twelve inches long [based on placing a tape measure on the outside of the aquarium when it was cleaning the glass]). I really should measure to see the distance from the base of the aquarium to the floor, as that will tell how tall Pancakes can get when she decides to stand on her hind legs.

When she “talks” with the other fishes in the other aquariums, she is sitting by the aquariums–there isn’t a sitting area near this one in my room (at least not one that would be sturdy enough for her to jump on to sit).