Today’s triple pleasure is brought to you by the Breakfast Duo and Pyewicket. I managed to capture an image of all three of them in different moods throughout the afternoon.

Pancakes seems to be thinking up something….

Pancakes was probably wanting to figure out a way to short circuit my laptop, destroy the notebook, and have the power go out to the house–that way she would have unlimited amount of time on my lap. She doesn’t like me working on anything that keeps her from cuddling on my lap. Needless to say, I’ve figure out how to almost type one handed (left–which isn’t my dominant hand), and then if I have to write–I prop it up on my right side so that I can write, and she can still be curled up in my lap.

But I want to smack the dog….

Pyewicket had been in a mischievous mood all day wanting to start some type of “disagreement” with the youngest dog. This morning she was thinking of smacking her (the youngest dog) on the butt as she laid there eating her breakfast (luckily I convinced her not to). Then this evening when I was sauteing the veggies for dinner, I noticed that she was sitting at the one corner in the kitchen looking around it towards the dog sleeping in the dining room. I can only imagine how she thought she’d “get the drop” on one of them as they came into the kitchen to see if anything had been dropped on the floor.

Who me???

Then there is Waffles, the very lovable but mischievous Russian Blue. She has been behaving herself today, and not really trying to start anything with the other cats, and for the most part she gives the dogs their space (unless there is thunder, then she tries to cuddle up to just about anyone or thing in the house).