Today’s installment of the photography challenge is the breakfast duo: Pancakes and Waffles. One of the things I love about having pets (besides the companionship of the animal[s]), is that if you pay attention you can capture unique pictures daily (hence why the cats and dogs have almost dominated this photography challenge). Pancake loves to watch the fish, in either the family room or my room (though my brother’s room also has an aquarium, she doesn’t go in there often). Waffles also likes the family room aquarium [as her water dish].

Pancakes watching the fish

Pancakes was watching the koi swimming in the front aquarium after I fed the fish this evening. There is just enough room at the edge of the cabinet for a cat to sit and watch the fish if they want to. She usually likes to sit to the side, but the DVDs have started to pile up again so she moved to sitting in front of the aquarium.

Waffles sleeping in the pet bed.

When I came out to the main part of the house this morning, I noticed that Waffles was curled up on the animal bed. Some mornings she is awake and causing mischief with the other two, but I guess she was deciding that Monday was her sleep in day.

Waffles when I got home from work today……..

Then I noticed that when I came home from work, someone was still relaxed on the animal bed. Though I have been told that she did move a little bit to relax in the sun for awhile before returning to her throne. The cats will continue to do what they want, and I will hopefully be able to continue capturing the uniqueness of each one.