So another month has come and gone (seriously, can we slow down just a little). I realized that I wouldn’t mind having a time-turner necklace like Hermione had in the third Harry Potter book, or like the amulet that Dr. Strange wears occasionally.

So I again set a series of goals for the month that ranged from health and fitness to career to personal development. Those goals were:


Getting at least 392,000 steps

Having Shakeology for breakfast daily

Reading at least another three non-fiction books

Exercising six days a week

Packing my lunch for work daily

Measuring at the end of the month

Having at least one no-spend day (and seeing if I can work up to a no-spend week)

Start networking (adding value to connections I already have) more

Start working through the various modules and courses that I’ve bought to start broadening my horizons.

So how did I do for each one


So the goal for the month was 392,000 steps, which would break down to 14,000 steps a day. I managed to achieve 427,733 steps (and this includes the fact that there were basically three days that I didn’t even manage to hit 10,000 steps. So the goal for the year to date (Jan & Feb) was 826,000 steps (again breaks down to 14,000 steps a day), and I’ve managed to get 889,265 steps to date. So I should be hitting the first million step mark within the next ten days.


So I managed to more or less have a healthy breakfast (either shakeology, scrambled eggs, or oatmeal) every day this month. I had to add in the other options of healthy breakfast, when I realized that there had been error in my shakeology order (I managed to get it cleared up, but had to stretch my low number of packets until the next order had arrived). So now that issue has been taken care of I should be able to do shakeology for breakfast daily, without any problems.

Packing my lunch for work:

Other than the 1st (when I finished up a chicken wrap that I had bought the day before for lunch), I’ve managed to pack my lunch everyday this month. Nutrition is still my biggest area where I’m struggling—mainly in making sure that I’m not buying large cookies or going for another cup of coffee (or actually a latte or mocha both of which are high in added sugar) in the mornings when I get to work. So I’ve also had very few no-spend days (mainly the weekends, though there were one or two days at work when I was too busy to stop for an additional snack).

Reading at least three non-fiction books: Though I haven’t written the full reviews for these yet (that is on the to-do list).

Books that I’ve finished this month:

  • The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel

So this is the second book that Isaiah Hankel has written and I found it as compelling as the first. Basically it talks about how our mental energy is our most valuable asset, which we give away to easily to other people. He talks about how one should go about developing their focus in order to conserve their mental energy and the most important thing of all—that we all need to learn how to stop allowing our “happiness and success to be dependent on other people”. I’ve enjoyed this book as it has given me tips on how to go about trying to structure my own blog better, and ideas on how to try to become an entre-employee.

  • Self Talk: How to train your brain to turn negative thinking into positive thinking and practice self love by Aston Sanderson

So this book also has some exercises for you to do in terms of trying to identify your negative thought patterns, so that you can start trying to turn them into more positive thought patterns. Everyone has both good and bad thoughts, though these days it seems more and more people are letting the negative thoughts have more control of their lives than the positive thoughts (and I know at times I fall into this category). This is a good book that gives practical advice on how to slowly start turning your negative thought patterns from bully to “exercise buddy”. Also it pointed out that there are three factors that can play a role in how your thought patterns go that you can control: mediation/mindfulness, health (as it has been proven that your diet/exercise routine can directly effect the health of your brain), and your social circles. So while I still need to work on the exercises (or questions) from the book, I found it a good read over all and insightful.

(3) Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself by Henri Junttila.

I’m still in the answer mode for the questions from Find Your Passion. I’m one of those people who will write down the questions (usually in a new word document), and then slowly work my way through them. But I hate (and it is a reason why there are a few other question based books I haven’t finished yet) stopping and trying to answer a question or two, and then going back to reading. So I think once I start back on a couple of the other question-based personal development books that I have—I’ll open a new word document, type up the questions as they come up, maybe stop and answer if I’m feeling in the mood. But if not, finish the book and then return to the questions within the next few weeks.

(4) The Complete Guide to Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit to Get Wildly Clear & Create the Life of Your Dreams by Christine Kane.

Vision boards are something I’ve always been drawn to (and is something that is suggested to be done in one or two of the groups I belong to on Facebook), but never really got around to doing. While I’m going to be doing one in the near future, for now it is going to be digital and probably set as the background for my laptop. The reason for doing digital to begin with—I’m hopefully going to be moving within eight to ten months, and I’m trying to limit what I’m going to have to pack again. Digital doesn’t require that much space, and there is an unlimited number of pictures on the internet (yes, if it is copyrighted, I’ll include the copyright).

I’ve bought some more books that probably should be added to my list of books to finish by September 28, 2020:

The Unlimited Mind by Zoe McKey

Several more Wicca books (as bundles) by Lisa Chamberlain

Design Your Future by Dominick Quartuccio

365 Days with Self Discipline by Martin Meadows

The Self Discipline Blueprint by Patrik Edblad

The Life Changing Habits Series: Your Personal Blueprint for Success & Happiness (books 1-3) by Thibauut Meurisse (I may have already owned the first book, but $0.99 was too good of a price to pass up of the other two books, even if it means “having a second copy of the first”).

Authorpreneur: Build the Brand, Business, and Lifestyle You Deserve. It’s time to write your book by Jesse Trevelow

Exercise six days a week

I’ve managed to exercise at least four to five days a week this month. There have been some days where I do allow the workout to fall by the wayside. This is something that I need to work on—I need to make myself do something (even if it’s just doing squats and bicep curls) daily, and then start building on it. I’m currently doing the You V2 workout on beachbody on demand. It is a low impact dance program that was designed for people who had workout but “fallen” off the workout wagon and were wanting to get back into shape. I like the program, though with the limited space in the bedroom (and my two left feet), I have to admit I’m glad there is no one watching me trying to do some of the moves. This is a low impact program that will see me up to spring break, where I will then switch to another low impact program. I’m thinking of sticking with low impact for awhile, and then moving into the higher impact programs by summer.

Measure at the end of the month:

I did measure this past weekend, and while the nutrition and fitness were anything but stellar for the month, I did manage to lose a little over four inches overall (bringing the yearly total to a loss of fifteen inches, and probably about two to four pounds [I have been staying away from the scale]).

Have at least one no-spend day:

I’ve managed several no-spend days over the course of the month (most being on the weekend when I was home—but there were a few during the work week). This is something that I’m going to keep working on, as I do need to make sure that I’m saving money since I’m hoping to move by November.

Start networking more (adding value to connections I already have):

Again, this is something that I haven’t been great at. I started a few conversations and then replied to several others, but there really haven’t been any continuously on-going conversations. Again, this is will probably go on to the goal list for next month as well as the usual goals for steps and other things. I know this is something that I really need to work on, as I want to transition into industry, and a referral is the best way for that to happen, but you have to network enough and talk enough with people for that to happen.

Start working through various courses and modules that I’ve bought:

I’m halfway through one module that I bought to see if doing research science in industry is really the way I want to go; plus within the same thread I’m an eighth of the way through one of their other modules as well (hoping to be a fourth or more done by early March). It is a little slow going through the modules and e-courses (mainly because I have to remind myself to pay attention (though I’m taking notes) and not open other browser windows and do something else while I’m listening to the lecture).

So in short, while there were bumps in the road during February (namely having to put one of our dogs down), I did fairly well with sticking to my goals—even baby steps can eventually lead to larger results—I just have to be consistent and remember that getting healthy is a lifestyle change and is something that I will need to be working on and focusing on daily for the rest of my life. There are no quick fixes in getting healthy (at least none that actually give lasting good results).

So going into March, I’m going to be keeping probably all the monthly goals that I have been setting, and then adding in one or two other goals that I should also be trying to work on.

Goals for March:

At least 434,000 steps

Having Shakeology daily for breakfast

Read at least 3 non fiction books

Pack my lunch daily

Exercise 6 days a week (minimum doing the squat challenge)

Continue networking

Have at least 1 no spend day and try to work up to a no spend week

Keep a money log

Finish at least one online program/class and get half way through at least one or two more courses.


Life is about progress, not perfection. It is also about enjoying the journey (even when you have no idea where you’re going) more than the destination.