Finally managed to get a picture of the full moon late last night. The moon is traveling through the Virgo constellation right now.

The Virgo Full Moon

So to do things a little different, I thought I’d give some interesting facts about both the constellation Virgo and the Virgo zodiac sign.

Some fun facts about both the Virgo constellation and the Virgo zodiac sign:

The Virgo constellation is the largest of the Zodiac constellations, and is the second largest constellation behind Hydra.
There are numerous different stars, exoplanets and other deep sky objects that make up the constellation, including:
Spica, which is the brightest star of the constellation. This star luckily is about 260 light years away from Earth, but is 2300 times brighter than the sun (which is why is can be seen so well).
Then the other bright stars (in order of decreasing brightness) within the constellation include: Porrima and Arich, Vindemiatrix, and Heze.
There are eleven deep space objects within the constellation and then numerous exoplanets as well including the first ones to ever be found to rotate around pulsar stars.
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Within Greek mythology, the constellation is linked to the following individuals: Dike, the goddess of justice, and Persephone.

As for the Zodiac sign, Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac (going from August 23 to September 22), and:

1) Rules over the house of routine. Basically this the representation of your daily habits, and everything that goes along with it.
2) Is associated with earth (one of the four elements).
As an earth sign, Virgo is observant & practical focusing on the world around them.
3) Is associated with the planet Mercury.
This allows for Virgos to narrow down the useful information, getting rid of the fluff, and also come up with different ideas.
4) The symbol associated with Virgo is the virgin. This sign is the balancing part to the analytical mind set of the Virgo.
5) Who’s tarot card is the Hermit. The Hermit challenges one to “find comfort in solitude, and to use quiet time alone to absorb the answers we need”.
6) Who’s quality is mutable. This means they are a little more flexible than others.
7) Who’s favorite colors are probably either green and/or brown.

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I think I’m going to be looking a little more deeply into both my Virgo traits (since its my Star Sign), my Scorpio traits (since its my Rising Sign), my Cusp of Beauty traits (since my birthday falls within the range of transition between Virgo and Libra), and my Aquarius traits (since this is my Moon Sign).