Pancakes was hoping last night that if she hid well enough, Monday wouldn’t see her. If Monday didn’t see her, we’d have an extended weekend.

Someone was hoping to hide from Monday

Alas, her paw and tail were visible, and Monday did see her. Another week is upon us. I wished that I was also able to try to curl up and hid from Mondays–not just because of work (I actually enjoy work–there are just some people I try to avoid constantly), but because it means that the clock is slowly ticking down on this position, and I really need to get everything in gear and try to figure out what the next position is going to be. Though I have been reminded of three things that I need to remember as I move forward:

Not to limit myself; be open and willing to continue to learn, but at the same time leverage my background and strengths while looking for my ideal position in industry (more on all this in another post).