The pictures today are brought to you by the yard work and the nice weather. Decided that today was going to be the day that I tackled the major yard project in the front yard: thinning out the decorative grass around the maple tree; and with the help of my father we got it done in one day. Because if it was going to be just me–it would have been at least a two weekend project (especially since tomorrow is suppose to be chilly).

Dark Purple Violet

The violets in the yard ranged in color from the above dark purple, to the more lighter purple below.

Light Purple Violet

And then in the back yard…….. There were the flowers on various bushes and trees…..

Peach Blossoms

And in the back yard, there were still some blossoms on the peach bush that I was able to get a better picture of, and then the crab apple flowers actually started to open up this weekend as well.

Crab Apple Blossoms


Clover and a yellow flower

And then there were the random small yellow flowers in the yard–though now that I’m looking at some of the leaves around it, this could be a “wild strawberry”–which has no taste, but makes a decent ground cover in the spring and summer. Also there are all the clover as well that we have growing in the back yard.