So we’re officially a third of the way through the year, and I would like to know where the time went. March seemed to speed by, and it didn’t help catching the flu (type B) at the beginning of the month, and therefore was either sick or recovering from the flu for about half the month. So I realize that I didn’t do that well with the goals that I set for the month (no one really wants to be trying to get in their steps when they have a fever and chills)—but I did make some type of progress on each goal.

So the goals for March included:

At least 434,000 steps

Having my shakeology daily for breakfast

Read at least three non-fiction books

Pack my lunch daily

Exercise 6 days a week (minimum doing the squat challenge)

Continue networking

Have at least 1 no spend day and try to work up to a no spend week

Keep a money log

Finish at least one online program/class/course and get half way through at least one or two more courses.

So how did I do with each goal?

Steps: The goal for the month as 434,000 steps, which again breaks down to 14,000 steps a day. What I was able to achieve this month was 377,164 steps (which was 87% of the monthly total). I’m still on track for the yearly goal and my 1001-day goal, mainly because I was over the monthly total for both Jan and Feb. The 90-day goal is 1.26 million steps, and I managed 1,266,429 steps, which has me 6,429 steps ahead of schedule.


So this is another goal that I fell slightly short on. When I had the flu, I didn’t want anything that was either cold or liquid for breakfast. So there was about a week to a week and a half that I didn’t have my shakeology (which now means I will always have a little extra to get me through when I ‘m waiting for the next month shipment). I am going to get better at making sure that I have my shakeology for breakfast (and possibly dinner on the weekend or when ever I don’t feel like the slightly less than healthy food that is getting made).

Packing my lunch

This goal I managed to meet—I packed my lunch daily, even if it was just a sandwich and a piece of fruit. One thing that I do need to start working on is not getting the large chocolate chip cookie several times a week, though once classes are done for the semester, I won’t have that problem, because the café won’t be open.

Reading 3 non fiction books

This is a goal that I didn’t meet. While I’ve finished one or two books this month, they were in the fiction category, not the personal/professional development category. So this is something that I need to work on getting back on track with this coming month.

Working out 6 days a week

This is another one that I didn’t meet (which includes doing the monthly squat challenge). I blame it all on both being sick for part of the month, and then also not really having the energy once I get home to actually do a workout. But I’m planning on doing Yoga Booty Ballet this coming month for my workout.


I’m still working on trying to be better at networking. As I told one group I’m in—I’m an introvert and its difficult to strike up conversations with people that I either don’t know that well, or that I don’t know at all. But this is something that I totally need to work on as I would like to try to transition into an industry position by October.

Have at least 1 no spend day & keeping a money log

So I have managed to have at least one no spend day, but haven’t quite worked up to a no spend week. The thing that usually derails that is me getting a fruit cup, cookie, or a cup of coffee on campus during the week (and that all usually depends on how well I slept the night before and my mood for the day). I was good at trying to keep a money log at the beginning of the month (same with my budget), but once I got sick, all that fell to the side and I never really got back on track doing the money log. Again this is something I’m going to keep working at, so that I can slowly save a little more money each month.

Finishing up at least one online course/class/program

So I managed to finish up the modules for the research scientist society (this is a subgroup in the main science group I’m a part of), and got the certificate that I have an understanding of what it takes to be a research scientist in an industry setting. I’m also made it through several more modules of the SMBA program (which basically states that when I finish the program I will have a basic understanding of the business side of biotech/biomedical and pharmaceutical companies).

So far this year, there hasn’t been a month that hasn’t had some type of bump in the road. I didn’t achieve 100% on some of my health & fitness goals, but that was to be expected when I was sick or recovering for about half the month. All I can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep trying my best.

So going into the second quarter of the year, my goals for April will include:


At least 420,000 steps

Having Shakeology daily for breakfast

Read at least 4 non fiction books (and write reviews)

Write the reviews for books I’ve read this year (but haven’t reviewed)

Pack my lunch daily

Have at least 2 no spend days in a row, and work up to a no spend week

Exercise 6 days a week (get through Yoga Booty Ballet)

Continue networking

Finish up the modules for the SMBA, and then continue working through the other numerous online courses that I’ve bought.

Keep a money log

Finalize my top three industry position choices and start drafting a Linkedin summary that could encompass all three positions.


I need to remember to slow down and enjoy the journey I’m on and realize that it will all work out, and I will end up at the destination that I’m suppose to be at when I’m suppose to be there. All things come in good time, and embracing change is a good place to start.