Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you take a picture of another person or animal–they end up with laser eyes? That is what happened with Chewi this morning. I decided to try to get another picture of her snoozing on the love seat, and since she just opened her eyes when I took the picture–the flash gave her laser eyes.

Laser Eyes

I realized last night that I hadn’t posted an picture, and decided that if nothing else I’d try to post two today. So the second picture is going to be a throw back picture of Chewi.

Chewi in the water

So here is a throw back picture of Chewi when we were living out in Boston. This was from one of our longer walks, where we walked to Chandler Pond so that she could wade in and splash. That was one of the drawbacks about being in Boston–there weren’t that many places that I could take her that I felt comfortable letting her get either near or in the water. The closer water area didn’t have any easy access for her, so we made the almost three mile (or it might have been four miles) round trip just so she could splash in some water.