Well it is nice to see that even though we’ve had two weekends in a row that have been chillier than normal, with the evening lows dipping down into the “killing freeze” zone–there are still some plants in the yard that have managed to keep their flowers.


We have this one bush that is close to the house in the backyard (it was planted in one of the many holes that the dogs dug–which pretty much explains the landscaping scheme in the backyard), so that close proximity might have been enough to keep it “warm” those few nights that the temperatures dipped down in the mid-to upper twenties.

So I think that spring is actually trying to establish a foothold this week–trees are actually starting to show signs of leaves coming out, and some of the late blooming/flowering bushes are also starting to show signs of leaves. So we will see how much things pop after the rain that we’re suppose to be getting tonight through tomorrow.

One of the interesting things about this particular bush, is that it goes through several rounds each year of shedding leaves and having new ones pop out–I’m going to have to wait until after the flowers fall off and it goes into its first round of shedding before giving it a “haircut” so that we can walk past it without being scratched (it also has tiny little thorns on every branch as well), and that way it will also be out of the range of some of the dogs that walk through that area as well.