Somehow the month of April is over. I want to say that I’ve gotten better at time management so that I can get more accomplished each day, but I haven’t gotten there yet. My goals really haven’t been changing all that much (the step goal changes by about 14,000 [depending on the number of days in the month]), and then I adjust all the other goals so that I can add in one or two other ones that I think I can accomplish that month.

So, my goals for April included:

At least 420,000 steps

Having Shakeology daily for breakfast

Read at least 4 non fiction books (and write reviews)

Write the reviews for books I’ve read this year (but haven’t reviewed)

Pack my lunch daily

Have at least 2 no spend days in a row, and work up to a no spend week

Exercise 6 days a week (get through Yoga Booty Ballet)

Continue networking

Finish up the modules for the SMBA, and then continue working through the other numerous online courses that I’ve bought.

Keep a money log

Finalize my top three industry position choices and start drafting a Linkedin summary that could encompass all three positions.

So how many did I manage to completely accomplish this month?

Steps: The goal for the month of April step-wise was 420,000 steps (which again breaks down to 14,000 steps a day). There were a couple of days where I either didn’t reach 5K or just barely got above it. But my final total this month was: 432,768 steps, which has me on track still for both my yearly goal & my 1001-day goal.

Shakeology: So I almost made it the entire month with having shakeology daily, there were just a couple of days where I either had run out of almond milk (and forgot to put it on the grocery list), or just wasn’t in the mood for it (i.e. I thought it was to chilly of a morning to have it). So I think my total was 27 out of 30 days of having shakeology as either my breakfast or my dinner. I’m trying to do it daily (and if I don’t do it for breakfast, then I try to make sure that I have it for either lunch or dinner). 

Reading 4 books (and writing reviews): So the goal was to finish four books and write their reviews (slightly short on amazon; but then longer for the blog). I managed to finish one over the course of the month (I did read several other books, but they weren’t in the personal/professional development stack). So I need to try to get back on track and finish the numerous books that I’ve started and get those read and reviewed.

Writing reviews for the other books: So I think I was able to write one of the four book reviews that I needed to for books that I had finished in January and February. So that is something else that is going to have to be added to the May to-do list.

Packing my lunch daily: I managed to do this for about half the month or so (maybe closer to three-fourths). There was just a point at which there weren’t any leftovers that appealed to me in terms of taking them for lunch the next day. I’m going to be breaking the habit of buying lunch on campus soon, because as the semester winds down after finals are over—I will be having to walk to the student union in order to buy lunch (or even a fruit or veggie cup).

Having at least 2 no-spend days in a row: Truthfully, I don’t know if I hit this goal or not (as there was about a week and a half that I didn’t keep track of any habits in my journal). I know that for the past two weeks it was a no-go, with either buying lunch and/or snacks on campus. I’m not really counting the weekends in the no-spend challenge, as I usually don’t spend any money on the weekends anyway.

Workout 6 days a week (completing Yoga Booty Ballet): Well—this didn’t happen. I managed to do a workout at least two days a week, and then told myself that all the walking I was doing during the day at work would be sufficient in terms of working out. I’m going to keep working on this one.

Continue networking: I’ve done a little bit more networking, but not to a sufficient point that I could ask someone to have an informational interview or if they could be a referral for a job either. I’m trying to strike up more general conversations on linkedin in hopes that it will lead to potential informational interviews. 

Finishing up the SMBA modules and working through the other numerous courses that I’ve bought: Well I did make it through the SMBA modules, so I have some idea of the business side of things (not to the degree I would if I go and actually get an MBA [which is still an option, but I’d like to be working for a company and they offer to help pay for the program]). I’ve also started working through another e-course that I bought, but haven’t finished that one yet.

Keeping a money log: This lasted for about a day and a half. I have all the receipts from the snacks and lunches that I bought, but I never actually logged that much into the log page (again something that I need to keep working on).

Finalizing my top three industry positions & trying to draft a linkedin summary & header that could encompass all three positions: Nope—this one didn’t happen this month. I’m thinking more and more of sticking with research (mainly because of my fear of switching and getting burned either by the job or some other factor). So, I need to decide fairly soon, what are my top choices (also maybe try to connect with someone who has one of the other jobs and then work my way to having an informational interview with them about their position).

So in a brief recap, I managed to hit my step goal for the month, and I almost had my shakeology daily. I need to get back on track with the personal/professional development reading, and getting my nutrition and workout on point again as well. We’re a third of the way through the year, and while I’m heading in the right direction in terms of fitness and weight loss (I’ve managed to lose a little over six pounds so far this year), I need to really start also focusing on trying to transition into an industry position (that way I shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I could be potentially unemployed at the end of the year). So as far as that goes:

Goals for May will include:

At least 434,000 steps (There is going to be a mini-vacation in May, so I’m going to have to figure out how to ensure that I get all my steps in, even though there will be several days of driving).

Shakeology daily (breakfast or dinner)

Reading at least 4 non-fiction books & writing the reviews

Finishing up the reviews for the other books

Packing my lunch daily

Keeping track (some-what) of my daily calories

Getting through Yoga Booty Ballet: Ab & Butt Makeover


Keeping a money log & having at least two consecutive non-spend days

Finish up the project management e-bundle course that I bought