Well today was a day where I think I actually got several things checked off my to-do list (plus some chores that needed to get done). It was a decent day for doing yard work in the morning (when the yard is still shaded and its slightly cooler for mowing), though I did forget that I’m allergic to the damn cedar bush in the back yard (luckily the lotion took care of the rash that was starting to pop out, and it went away fairly quickly).

         Who’s that doggie?????

Spent a good portion of the afternoon sitting outside in the backyard and enjoying the breeze and watching the birds. At least one dog decided to keep us company while we were sitting outside. The small one, Piranha, who likes to sleep curled up in the monkey grass (or the little dips that she digs between some of the larger clumps of monkey grass). This was one of the pictures that I got of her, where it was looking like she was playing hide and seek in her sleep.

The younger dog likes to also sleep on the monkey grass, though her preferred spot is under the peach tree down by the pond. The eldest dog, will just lay by the gate to where she can keep an eye on the side to make sure that nothing is coming towards the house.

Thanks to the weird weather a couple of weeks ago, things have been slow to flower and blossom. The roses are just starting to bud out, same for the clementis, the Rose of Sharons are just starting to leaf out, and I haven’t seen that many flowers on the honeysuckles yet. But at least spring is here, and hopefully the temperatures won’t skyrocket to quickly to summer.