So today’s installment for national pet week is Pyewicket.


So I was vacuuming this weekend and had discovered one of the cats crinkle balls in the closet and decided to toss it out for them to play with. All three of them have been “taking turns” with batting the ball around the house at what seems like fifty miles per hour at times (though I know it isn’t that fast). I’d been hoping to catch them in action and take a video, but once I turned around to start filming–she stopped playing and just looked at me with a kittenish smirk, knowing that she’d foiled the plans of the video.

Pyewicket is our oldest cat (and she is only about a year and a half or two older than the other two), at about either nine or ten. It’s nice to know that if you get them toys–you can keep them young at heart. It is good practice to also take the cats to the vet for yearly checkups, but since we keep all of ours inside–they rarely go to the vet (Pancakes has been the most, and that is only because of the moves and I have to make sure that she has all of her shots so that I can take her with me).

Pyewicket is also one who at times demands a ride on your shoulder–and by demand I mean she will follow you around until you pick her up, carry her around for say five minutes and then she will jump off at the nearest large piece of furniture. She is also one who if you’re sitting in a particular chair, will demand to be on your shoulder so she can look out the window.

Do your cats have any odd quirks????