So today’s installment for national pet day is Waffles.

Where is that crinkly ball??

Waffles was wanting to know where the little crinkly ball had been batted to. I think all three of them were treating it like a soccer ball, but none were really wanting to share it–if someone didn’t go after it quickly enough, one of the others jumped in and took over playing with it. I think she’d been woken up by someone either racing past her, or they bounced the ball off of her as she was curled up on the floor.

I enjoy watching the cats play with their toys in the morning (Pancake particularly likes her crinkly plastic; and both her and Pye like playing with hair ties). Waffles will join in every so often, but enjoys going after bugs more than anything. It will be interesting to see what type of bugs she brings in from the garage this summer–I’m just hoping that junebugs are more or less dead when she brings them in.

Do any of your cats bring you insects as gifts–or do they bring you dead mice??