It seems as that the weather gets a little warmer; the days seem to fly by. May is over, and we’re only thirty days from being half way done with the year. One thing that I really do need to get better at is either time management or staying up until things are finished for the day (or start getting up earlier to get some things done). This is mainly in regards to both trying to transition into industry and getting some writing done (book reviews and trying to think up ideas for content posts for the blog). I’ve come to realize that in the evenings once I get home, that after I do a few things (feeding the animals), I either make the time to do a workout or I just relax (relaxing is good, but at the same time I should try to be a little more productive with my time so that I can actually start getting a few other things accomplished).

So my goals for May included:

At least 434,000 steps (There is going to be a mini-vacation in May, so I’m going to have to figure out how to ensure that I get all my steps in, even though there will be several days of driving).

Shakeology daily (breakfast or dinner)

Reading at least 4 non-fiction books & writing the reviews

Finishing up the reviews for the other books

Packing my lunch daily

Keeping track (some-what) of my daily calories

Getting through Yoga Booty Ballet: Ab & Butt Makeover


Keeping a money log & having at least two consecutive non-spend days

Finish up the project management e-bundle course that I bought

So how did I do with each one?

I was aiming for at least 434,000 steps. I have managed to get in about 430,756 steps for the month. I am slightly under the goal number by less than 3,500 steps, but this was also in part due to the mini-vacation that we took this month. I know that I could have gone to the hotel gym and gotten on the treadmill to get my steps in (and I actually thought of doing that once or twice, but never actually did go down to the gym). So my steps were low for several days, and I never quite managed to go for the 16-17K steps for the rest of the month to make up for it (there were several days that I did managed that many, but others that were 14-15K only). But I’m still on track for the yearly total of 5 million and the 101+ goal of 14,014,000 steps with 2,129,953 steps (anticipated year to date number of steps is: 2,114,000 (so far I have about another day built into the count, so if there are a few off days that is okay). To reach the 101+ goal by Sept 28 2020 (which is 850 days away—I need ~11.9 million steps (and that still breaks downs to 14K/day; but if I were to subtract my current number from the goal I’d be at needing 11,884,047 (which would break down to 13,982 steps/day to reach the goal). To get to 5 million by the end of the year: since there is 214 days left: (2,870,047 steps left and that breaks down to 13,412 steps a day for the rest of the year (minimum). So even being slightly under this month (and in March), I’m still doing okay. I just have to keep that momentum going through the heat of the summer now.

Shakeology daily (breakfast or dinner). There were only two days during the mini vacation that I did not have my shakeology (the day we went to Carlsbad Caverns, the water would have gotten too hot in the car, and you aren’t allowed to take flavored drinks into the caves), and the day we got home from vacation. Other than those two days, I’ve managed every other day (including the past few days where it was just the shakeology and boosts in water since the blender broke and I was waiting for my new one to show up).

Reading at least 4 non-fiction books & writing the reviews. So far I’ve only finished one non-fiction book this month (Mini Habits for Weight Loss by Stephen Guise), though I’m also done with a second one (Thinking in Bets: making smart decisions when you don’t have all the facts by Annie Duke). But I haven’t written the book review for Mini Habits yet.

Finishing up the reviews for the other books. This hasn’t happened yet. The books that I still need to write the reviews for include:

The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel

Self Talk: How to train your brain to turn negative thinking into positive thinking and practice self love by Aston Sanderson

Rewire your Habits by Zoe McKey

Minimalist Living by Aston Sanderson

Packing my lunch daily. There has only been one or two days at work where I grabbed something on campus, but now that basically everything has shut down for the summer I really have no choice but to pack my lunch.

Keeping track (some-what) of my daily calories. I managed for about half the month (up until going on vacation and I haven’t done it since we’ve been back either). I have a rough idea that I’m eating between 1150 and 2000 calories a day (though according to my fitbit I should probably be eating closer to 2200 calories a day). I’ve decided to be sensible and instead of saying that “I can’t have something”, I going to be saying that “I don’t want something” therefore taking back the power of choice, and also “don’t” is more respected when eating with others than “can’t” is.

Getting through Yoga Booty Ballet: Ab & Butt Makeover. I made it through about two weeks of the program. Since back from vacation I’m trying to start up with InsanityMax30, which has been slow going due to numerous different things. I’m thinking that after I’m done with InsanityMax30, I’ll probably do YBB as a recharge/transition program before starting either 22 Minute Hard Corp or Les Mills Combat (both of which are also 60 day programs).

Networking. I’m slowly starting to start up more conversations with connections on linkedin (through either congratulations, happy birthdays, and then asking how they’re doing; and seeing if that strikes up a conversation). I need to keep up at this (in theory I should be trying to network with 5-15 people a week; and connecting with just as many people a week). This is one of the reasons why I’m really trying to get my time management under control so that I don’t feel like I’m having to rush through doing this, but can try to take my time.

Keeping a money log & having at least two consecutive non-spend days. As usual I managed to keep an money log going for about a week and half or so (not quite up to the point that we went on vacation, but pretty close). I think that I managed only non-spend days here and there (I don’t think that there were two back to back days). So again, this is something that I really need to keep working on.

Finish up the project management e-bundle course that I bought. Nope, this one didn’t happen. I don’t think that I spent any time this month on doing any online “course” work for the various bundles that I bought (again this is something that I need to get better at finding the time to do).

So my goals for June included:

At least 435,000 steps (adding in about 500 steps a day to make up for the deficiency from May)

Shakeology daily (breakfast or dinner)

Reading (finishing) at least 4 non-fiction books & writing the reviews

Finishing up the reviews for the other books

Packing my lunch daily

Walking around Boomer Lake at least once on the weekend (early morning)

Getting through the first month of InsantiyMax30 (its an 8 week program)

Networking and adding value to my online connections

Keeping a money log & having at least two consecutive non-spend days

Finish up the project management e-bundle course that I bought

Continue working on fine tuning my transition plan for industry.