So as the month of June reaches the mid-point, the moon has transitioned into it’s “new” phase and entered the Gemini Constellation. This phase and this constellation reflects my 8th house. So this zone or house is also known as the Sex and Shared Finances Zone.


So in part this is good—I need to double down on making sure that I’m not going to overboard on purchases. I had started a challenge this month that I wasn’t going to be spending any money (other than what I had spent on things pre-ordered and one or two purchases already made). I have managed about three or four days of not spending any money. Currently I’m buying coffee in the morning on campus as an extra jolt of caffeine to wake up. So I know that there are things there that I can work on—and I could also look into seeking some financial advice about investments and trying to build my retirement account (while at the same time making sure that I have enough money set aside for any possible moves for a new job).


As far as the other portion of the zone—the Sex zone—right now that could be called the sexless zone—I’m not in a relationship with anyone. Right now I don’t have the time or the energy to put into 1) the dating scene, and then 2) a relationship. With plans of moving sometime within the next year, I just don’t want to deal with any more complications than what I’m already going to be dealing with.


So my goals for the next two weeks include: 1) making a budget for the last half of June and starting one for July; 2) limiting purchases on campus to no more than 3 days a week; and 3) look into ways of increasing my retirement account (without decreasing my savings or paycheck).


Yes I know I’m focusing on half of the zone—but right now half is better than none.