Well another month is almost over, and the moon has moved from Sagittarius (the last full moon), through Gemini (the last new moon) and will soon be entering Capricorn (the soon to be full moon).


So last time I’d mentioned some questions one can ask themselves during this two week period surrounding the Sagittarius full moon and what my answers would be; and then I set some goals for the full moon period. I’ve realized that at times I stretch my goals from full moon to full moon, instead of going full moon to new moon (which would make sense—two series of goals for every month). This is something to try to work on during the next month.

So the goals that I set for the Sagittarius full moon included:

Setting up the next months budget (and checking to see what I have preordered), and checking to see where all the credit cards are in terms of balances.

Continue working on my transition plan for moving from academia to industry (narrowing down the jobs/areas and networking and trying to set up informational interviews).

Focusing on ways that I can start connecting more with people and start trying to build up my beachbody business.

In addition I tried to start a no-spend challenge as well for the month of June (more on that in another post).

So how did I do for the other three goals?

Well I totally fell down on doing the budget for the month (and once I review my Gemini new moon goals—I think it was in there as well). I just wasn’t in the mindset to deal with any type of journaling during the month of June (though I’m trying to pick it back up this last week).

In terms of the transition plan—I am my own worse enemy. I’m overthinking everything, and that is my major problem right now. I’m pretty sure that I should probably start steering away from research (I don’t think I can handle stay late to prove I’m a hard worker), but not sure how (as I think I could miss it). So I’m thinking of maybe looking to a different sector (not biomedical) such as agricultural (biofuels and improving crops) or possibly cosmetics—while there probably would be long hours, maybe the change of topic will entice me and help me find my enjoyment of research again.

Doing anything with beachbody right now—this is a big nope, totally didn’t happen. I’m trying (again) to get back into a routine. Right now I’m literally bouncing between programs just to get a workout in—I’m going to try some of the online ones this weekend and see if I can handle a 45-60 minute workout (and if I can—I may be going with 80 Day Obsession soon).

I’ve realized that as I try to get more in-tune with the moon and it’s pull/push on my moods, and setting biweekly goals—I need to post the goals also somewhere I can see them more often. I’m thinking that I’m going to have them pop on my computer as digital sticky notes—to be replaced every two weeks. Then I will make a larger list of all the goals that I’ve set and see where I’m doing good and the areas that still need a lot of work.