So we’re down to less than thirty days left in 2018—there is one moon cycle left before we enter 2019. The moon will be entering its “final” new moon of 2018 in a few days.

Now it is time to try to reflect back on the goals that I had set for the period that the moon was moving through the Scorpio constellation.

So what were my goals for the Scorpio new moon?

They included:

  • Get back into a meditation routine at night. This goes with the Scorpio mood of making inner peace & breathing.
  • Work on my transition plan—try to figure out both my “why” (or purpose) and my professional lifestyle that I want to live.
  • Continue with the second round of LIIFT4; and then finally
  • Work on ideas for more blog posts (and pages) for the website.


So how did I do with them?


In terms of meditation—it is still something that I’m struggling to get back into a routine with. I had been good for awhile, and then something happens to disrupt the routine and it takes me probably three times as long to get back into the routine (but I’m still working on it).

In terms of my transition plan—I’m still trying to answer the questions of both what is my why and what is my purpose. I think in terms of a professional lifestyle—I want a job that may not be a total 9-5 job, but it also isn’t a 14hr day 7-day a week job either. I think that currently I want to get back into the lab and do research (it is something that I enjoy—I just think that I’ve been in the wrong environment), and I also thinking of possible science communication—right now namely trying to get some more science posts/pages up here on the blog. I don’t want a job that requires a huge amount of travel (I’m fine with going to an occasional conference or meeting [even twice a year], but I don’t want to be on the road four out of five days a week), and I also don’t really want a customer service job either (my current position has shown that I really don’t have the attitude to deal with that type of position).

I’m still struggling to get back into a fitness routine—I’ve realized that there are times that I want to be “surprised” by the workout—what I mean is that I don’t want to have everyone’s lines memorized—I want to be challenged. So I think that I’m going to have to do a hybrid workout for a while until a new program comes out. I’ve also realized that there are times when it’s nice that everything is on DVD—that way if I decided not to turn on the laptop, I can still do the workout.

I am slowly starting to generate a list of topics for blog posts and ideas for more science posts (and pages) as well. The biggest challenge at times is actually sitting down and starting to write (or type). I know for a fact I have at least ten book reviews that I need to write (and those are just the non-fiction books that I’ve finished so far this year & I haven’t written a review over yet).

So while I didn’t make 100% progress with my goals during this new moon phase, I did make a little progress. That little progress made is better than no progress made—I’m trying to adapt the motto: progress over perfection (especially in terms of fitness and my career transition). Also we need to remember that the only person that we should be in competition with is ourselves–so if I’m trying to be better that means I’m trying to be a little better than I was yesterday.