So today’s photos goes to two of the three cats in the house. This morning when I was getting ready to make my breakfast before leaving for work, I noticed how “angelic” these two looked as they were sleeping, and I couldn’t help but take their pictures.

Pancakes contemplating something

So first up is Pancakes, snoozing (or meditating) on the top of the cat condo. She likes to be up there when the heat turns on in the house, as it’s directly across from the vent, and she gets nice warm air blown directly on her. Or, she could also be contemplating world domination as well (who knows what is going through her mind at 6 am).

Waffles on the couch

Then there is Waffles, our Russian blue cat sleeping on the back of the couch. I think that’s why the third cat Pyewicket went in to wake up the dog (to get her spot back on the back of the couch). Waffles goes between the back of the couch, the smaller cat condos, and the pillows on the furniture.

I know that Pancakes and Pyewicket also enjoy sleeping on the beds (and occasionally they will cuddle up to the human in the bed as well), though I’ve never really seen Waffles curled up on the bed (at least not that often). Pets sleeping with you on the bed in the winter makes for a nice toasty warm bed–and makes it harder to get out of bed the next day.