Water iris leaves encased in ice.

So yesterday was a mildly short day at work, due to yet another minor winter storm blowing through the area–which meant that it was a slightly late start for today.

Now I usually don’t mind winter all that much, it gets rid of the major insect pests (mosquitoes and flies) plus gets rid of the ticks. I can even put up with the colder temperatures (that just means one has to layer the clothes).

There are times when I don’t even mind the winter storms that come through. But what is really starting to get tiring is the yo-yoing of the temperatures and then a winter storm hitting. It can feel like it’s in the fifties one day, and then all of a sudden there is a cold front and a winter storm is threatening to dump ice and snow on us. But at least I’m not currently in the northern states where they are getting exactly that–ice and snow and more than they know how to deal with.

It will be interesting to see what March brings in terms of weather–I think they’re talking snow for the first weekend of the month. The spring equinox is less than three weeks away and then in theory we’ll be in “spring”. I wonder how many snow storms there will be during the first month of spring?