Clouds over campus……

So it’s starting to warm up a little, though I’m sure Mother Nature will dash the hopes for spring with some type of winter storm at the end of the month or early April.

It’s hard at times during the day to find time to practice photography when you’re working a eight to five job on a college campus (and your job keeps you indoors basically that entire time). So now I’m trying to remind myself to even look out the windows and up at the sky–clouds have always fascinated me, as they seem to change shapes at times when gliding across the sky.

That is one of the things that I like to do during the summer–look up at the clouds and try to determine if they resemble something or not.
The clouds today were a reminder that one should be outside and enjoying nature whenever you can.

I know that pretty soon spring will come, and then it will be summer–and summers in Oklahoma are usually cloudless for the most part (hot, humid, and not that cloudy). So I’m thinking that I will start taking pictures of clouds that I find interesting, or just as a reminder to look up every so often as well.