Well, better late than deciding not to post at all. I thought I had the draft saved last night–but I guess with the high winds and internet/modem problems it didn’t save.

So yesterday (March 13) marks a unique day—it was national jewel day. So the origins of the celebrating jewels on March 13 are unknown (as it isn’t an official holiday)—but there are several different ways of celebrating the day:

You can go out and buy yourself a new piece of jewelry

You can make some new jewelry

Exchange jewelry gifts with friends

Learn about jewels from different cultures

Some of the jewels that can be celebrated include the different birthstones:

Garnet (for those born in January)

Amethyst (for those born in February)

Aquamarine (for those born in March)

Diamond (for those born in April)

Emerald (for those born in May)

Pearl (for those born in June)

Ruby (for those born in July)

Peridot (for those born in August)

Sapphire (for those born in September)

Opal (for those born in October)

Citrine, Yellow Topaz (for those born in November)

Tanzanite, Zircon, Blue Topaz (for those born in December).

I’m a September baby—which means that I really like my sapphires, though I’m also partial to emeralds, yellow topaz, and blue topaz as well. Though jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to have jewels in it to make it fashionable.

Lately I’ve been getting into wearing more sterling silver necklaces (I don’t wear rings or bracelets that often due to being in research position, and at times needing to wear gloves), that have a more old world (pagan) vibe. When I do wear rings, they also fall into that category as well.

A couple of cat pendents that I got online……Ancient Celtic & Egyptian…

I also like my costume jewelry (especially for Halloween), or jewelry that is based off of movies (such as the Harry Potter series).

Harry Potter necklaces: the time turner and then the golden snitch

I do have a couple of bracelets that I don’t wear all that often (again mainly due to working in the lab and not wanting things to tear the gloves when I’m wearing those.

Charm bracelets…

One of the bracelets was a gift from my niece, and the other is one that I wear around Halloween time (depending on the costume).

One of these days I’m planning on getting my ears re-pierced, as there are so many cool earrings out there now. I had my ears pierced twice when I was younger, but have allowed the holes to heal back over. So we will have to see if I manage to get my ears re-pierced in the near future, I’m pretty sure that I’ve saved most of my old ear rings (they’re with the rest of my jewelry in storage), so I’d probably have some “vintage” pairs to share pictures of on the next national jewel day.