So today’s post is probably going to be on the short side (text wise)–as pictures can at times speak for themselves. Looking through some of the pictures I took this weekend, and I realize that at times birds can have similar expressions as humans–or maybe I’m just projecting onto my photos.

An American robin looking irritated.

For example, the robin looked like it had woke up on the wrong side of a nest, or in the wrong shrub. Though I think it just didn’t like the music that the band students were playing at the time.

Just need to listen a little longer, and then I too can make that sound….

The mockingbird looked like it was trying to figure out how to make the sounds of the drums. Personally I think that it would be extremely interesting (and funny) to find a mockingbird that could make a call that sounds like a drum in a marching band.

Maybe it will be a little quieter on the other side of the lake…..

The heron was startled out of it’s hunting spot when the band started to play–it didn’t look happy giving up such a prime fishing spot.

There have been some other birds out and about the past few days in the yard–but I know that if I go to get my camera they will wait until I come back out and then fly off before I can even try to focus on them. One thing I’m going to try to do is have a camera around so that if I do see something of interest–I hopefully get a picture taken.