So the moon is moving through Aries today (as a new moon), and this also marks the start of a new astrological calendar (as Aries is the first sign in astrology). We have started the second quarter of the year, and now is a time to reflect on the past quarter and decide to change things up if things haven’t been working.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the Aries new moon period?

            Take action on your dreams.

            Make a 12-month plan.

            Be courageous.

            Have some fun.

            Focus on yourself.

Then if I look to see what house/zone Aries is moving through as well—it is going through my sixth house: or the daily work and health zone. So this is also the time to focus on my daily work and health routines. This is the time to look at my current routines and make any changes necessary to ensure that I’m going in a more healthy direction (in both terms of work and personal health/fitness).

So what are some of the things that one can do during this time to help improve their sixth house?

            Recommit to some type of exercise program (either going to the gym or doing something on your own).

            Think about your eating habits.

            Help someone out this month.

            Talk to your boss about any work concerns you might have.

            Read a book on positive thinking.

            Eat healthy lunches or dinners for one month—no exceptions.

            Learn to meditate.

I do think that it’s a little uncanny how accurate it is that as the moon is transitioning, currently it hit on my sixth house. This is one area (namely more the daily health than daily work—though that is also an area that needs focus) that I really do need to try to focus more on, as I have let my fitness routines fall by the wayside the past six weeks or so.

So my small list of things to focus on during this new moon period will be the following:

            Making a 12-month plan. This is going to encompass both personal and professional area of my life.

            Recommit to a workout program

            Work on my eating habits (I do know that quite a bit of my bad habits stem from both stress and poor sleeping). Notice I didn’t say diet—but habits. I’m trying to work on basically having things in moderation and working on serving sizes.

            Read a book on positive thinking (I’m pretty sure that I have one or two on my large to-be-read e-pile; but I’ll look at amazon and see what I either have or I will purchase a book or two).

            Then finally, continue to try to mediate nightly. I’ve realized lately that my mind still races a little too much when I do try to mediate and I call it quits after about two minutes. Also I’ve realized that my racing thoughts have also made it a little difficult to do a accurate and decent tarot/oracle card reading—I may need to meditate for a few minutes before attempting to do a reading.