So today’s pictures are of the aftermath of the rainstorms that we got yesterday and last night. Oklahoma has been getting a decent amount of rain during the past few months, to where we’re actually out of the drought region, and everything is green.

Well yesterday’s storms dumped about another five and half to a little over seven inches of rain in town (depending on where you were), so things got a little soggy and are going to take a while to dry out.

Geese family grazing on the grass

So if you take a look at the above picture the grass that looks to be in the middle of the water is the “normal” edge of the lake. That is where I’m normally standing to get pictures of the turtles that are sunning themselves on the logs. I’m thinking that it will probably be a couple of days before the ground is dry enough for standing that close again to the normal shore line.

The lake wanted to expand its shoreline

Then the lake decided that it wanted to be a little bigger and expanded out towards the street in different areas of the park. It even decided that it would hide the speed bump from everyone.

I’m not sure if the birds actually wanted ocean side property.

Again if you look at the grass around the birdhouse, that is the actual shore line of the lake, and the trees in the background are on the one little walkway (or as I call them the fingers), that was also under water.

To bad I didn’t have my paddle board with me.

Yet another finger basically under water. Hopefully things will dry out by the weekend and then I can post some comparison pictures.