The winner of today’s photograph challenge is the rabbit that was chilling out at Boomer Lake the other morning.

A rabbit munching on some grass

So when I was on my walk at Boomer, I noticed that there was a rabbit that was just almost sunning itself, though it was attuned to it’s environment.

This rabbit was enjoying some moist greens as we had just had a rainstorm earlier in the morning.

It’s eating its greens….

I’ve seen at least three (and I’m pretty sure they’re three different ones) rabbits up around Boomer Lake, and walking to the bus stop I’ve seen at least one in the wooded area by the bus stop. While rabbits can have numerous litters, many of the young don’t survive the first year–which is one reason why they aren’t overrunning the neighborhoods. It is nice to see them every so often–they’re an essential part of the ecosystem.