So the winner of today’s photography challenge was the sky. One has to love summer weather–in the morning it was warm and humid, and not that many clouds in the sky. Shortly after lunch it was starting to look a little dark outside.

Dark clouds rolled in this afternoon.

The storm clouds were rolling through town, though this picture doesn’t show the uniqueness of all the storm clouds rolling through each other. One nice thing about the storms–the temperatures dropped basically twenty degrees in a short span of time. We also got almost half an inch of rain through out the town as well.

Summer weather looks to be here–next week they’re claiming triple digits for several days, and upper nineties for the rest of the time. While I don’t like thunderstorms during the day (mainly when I’m at work)–I won’t be to adverse to them if they break the humidity and/or lower the temperatures by about twenty to thirty degrees.

I will have to see if I’m able to capture any pictures of fireflies this year at night in the backyard.