So I decided that today’s photography challenge should introduce the newest member of the family. My mom had decided around Mother’s Day that she wouldn’t mind getting another dog. I might have had something to do with it–the facebook pages for the humane society in town wasn’t play fair and there was a very cute puppy posted. So we went and put in an application for adoption, and two days later got the call that we could come pick her up.

Rolex, sitting on the table staring at the birds.

So we brought home an 11 pound whirl wind that we named Rolex–since she was going to be our new watchdog. She has steadily been growing since we’ve got her–she is up to a solid 27 pounds, and I’m hoping that she tops out at somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds.

Rolex’s opinion of the weather.

We’re thinking that she is part boxer, due to the under bite she has and shows every so often. What the other breed(s) are–we have no idea. She is a runner, and loves running in circles through the backyard (and house) as fast as she can. Luckily there are squeaky toys to amuse her partially during the day, and old plastic water bottles.

I’ve been wanting to get a puppy myself, as I’m almost over the heartache of losing Chewi back in October. The only thing is I want to have my transition more or less already happening. I figured it would be better to get a puppy once I’ve moved and get the cat adjusted to her new living quarters. That way the puppy will be accustomed to living in an apartment (not having to deal with it knowing that it could always have the run of a yard, then having to get it adjusted to walks only).

But Rolex is slowly starting to help ease my depression over losing Chewi, Piranha, and Spelunkers last year. We’ve had her for a little over two months, and the months do seem to have flown by since we’ve got her.