The winner of today’s photography challenge is the sunrise.

Sunrise at the park

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been able to get up to Boomer Lake to catch the sunrise. I will admit that while I can set my alarm, get dress and head up there right away—I’ve gotten into the routine of drinking a cup of coffee before thinking of leaving the house on the weekends for my walk. I’m thinking that maybe, I should set the alarm—have a cup of coffee, feed the dogs and then try to make it up to the park by sunrise. It may be the only time for at least a month that the temperatures are bearable.

Another view of the sunrise

I do watch the sunrise while I’m both walking towards the bus stop and waiting for the bus, but it isn’t the same as watching it across a body of water (no matter how small). I’ve always enjoyed sunsets, but it has only been the past couple of years that I’ve caught the sunrise at Boomer.

When we use to go up to northern Minnesota, sunsets were spectacular and I’d always say that I’d get up early, walk over to the other bay and catch the sunrise—but I always slept through it. I’m wondering if one my photography challenges should be trying to get a daily sunrise picture (and maybe a daily sunset picture as well)—hmm, something to think about.

One reason why I love watching them–the different colors that streak across the sky and clouds.