So I managed to get in both a walk today, a mini walk yesterday and some bird-watching in the backyard this weekend. I have new pictures to choose from for the coming week–though the topics are going to be “repeat”–the images are new.

I’ve realized that I feel somewhat calmer and more at ease when I’m practicing photography–maybe it’s because I know that I can delete any out of focus, blurry picture that I want. Technically there isn’t anyone judging my skills or talent. Though I am thinking of maybe looking in to selling prints on-line (as another way of possibly generating some extra income).

I was happy to see that at least the Mississippi kites are still in the area (and I have numerous pictures of those from today), and that the egrets are slowly settling in for a few weeks before heading further south for the winter. It seems strange to be talking about animal migration season starting, when we’re only a week away from September (and a month away from fall starting).

In addition to just walking around Boomer Lake, I’m going to have to a take a walk through the playgrounds and the frisbee golf areas to see what songbirds may be hiding in those trees. In other words, there could be more than just one walk a day on the weekends this fall (weather permitting of course).