So the moon will be transitioning through it’s new phase again this weekend and it will be going through the Scorpio constellation. Somehow we have less than a week left of October, and then only sixty-one days left in 2019.

So before I think of addressing the Scorpio new moon (and it’s goals)—it’s time to look back at the goals I had made for the Libra new moon.

Those goals included:

            Meditate nightly—I have some nature CDs on my iPhone that I bought via iTunes—they’re calming (at least for me) and no one is talking.

            Practice yoga—there is a little yoga in one of the workouts that I’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

            Regain my identity—this doesn’t have anything to do with unhealthy co-dependency issues (unless you consider all my jobs to this point have been in an academic setting)—but try to figure out whom I am and what I want to do with the next half of my life.

So how did I do with these goals?

In terms of meditation—I only really managed a few minutes (especially since I didn’t feel like always having my cell phone and ear buds out right before bed). I know it is a slightly silly reason—but I am trying to avoid using my phone after I turn off all lights. I do have a white noise maker, so that helps a little; but mainly I need to quiet my thoughts and emotions (usually anxiety and stress) so that I can focus on my breathing. So again—this is an on-going practice and something that once I get better at it, will help with the anxiety, stress, and depression.

In terms of practicing yoga—this didn’t happen. I have the hybrid workout schedule all made up, but by the end of the day—I don’t feel like doing anything. Now I know that it can basically be considered mind over matter, and that I will probably feel better once I start to workout—but right now, the more lazy thought pattern is winning over the productive thought pattern. I am at least striving to hit my step goal for the day and week—and will be hitting my yearly step goal again this year. Negative thought patterns are easy to identify, but rather difficult to break—so this is something else that I’m working baby steps towards again.

Regaining my identity—I’m slowly working on this (I actually have at least one blog post almost ready to share on the topic). As I’ve told a couple of people—I have several ideas of what I may enjoy doing—I just need the time to focus and work through things (hence one of the reasons for the reboot break). I’ve also realized that I currently feel like a boat adrift in the sea (no working motor or sails), and the reboot break is going to feel like I’ve found an island that I can land on and slowly start fixing my boat—then I can be in charge of the direction I go in life, instead of just allowing myself to be pushed by the currents of others.

Things haven’t been perfect, and some things haven’t moved forward at all—but there has been progress in each area. That progress has been as little as admitting that there are roadblocks and that I need to develop an better plan to either remove said roadblocks or find a way around them.

As I move into the last two months of 2019, I’m going to keep with the mantra: Progress over Perfection.