Well I’ve realized that it’s been probably a month since I’ve published anything on the blog. In large part due to trying to finish things up at work (and that stretched an extra two weeks), and then trying to figure out the best way of possibly restarting the photography challenge.

I’ve found that doing photography on the weekends relaxes me. I’m focusing on really nothing but trying to find another great nature shot–my only goal on the walk is to get at least fifteen to twenty good pictures out of the possible eighty to ninety pictures that I take. But I’ve noticed that with just walking at Boomer Lake, the poses of the birds change–but object of the picture doesn’t change that much. So now I’m trying to look for more song birds (and in the spring, summer, and fall–I’ll be looking for other things as well).

In other words–I’m trying to find more variety in the nature photography that I’ve been doing. One nice thing with starting my reboot break–I will have the time to try to do that (since I’m going to try to do a walk daily, though it may not always be in the morning). I’m also going to try to structure my time more so I can actually sit down and write more–blog posts (need to start drafting lists of different topics–have an idea (or possible request)–drop it in the comments), short stories, and then articles for linkedin.

2019 is going to be coming to an end soon (and where has the year gone?), and it will be the start of a new decade. I’m determined that this coming decade is going to contain better chapters of my life than the last decade has (yes I got my degree–but the career path has been bumpy to say the least). So here’s to making the goals and then breaking them down to a monthly/weekly/day plan to ensure that they’re achieved.