So the website will be getting updated periodically (hopefully weekly, but definitely biweekly). I realized that I have several pages within the blog that I don’t add to consistently, and I’m hoping to change that fact.

First up—I decided to add a new page called Birds, birds, and birds. The topic of the pages associated with it is specific—birds. Since I enjoy doing bird photography, I decided that I would dedicate a page to the topic. I’m hoping that each week I can add a new page to the series.

Currently the only additional page that is listed is the ruby-throated hummingbird.

I will also be updating the Travel page as well—and it may be alternating weeks with the bird page.

I will still be posting photography photos on the blog (and the photography page), but decided to also give certain subjects home pages as well.

In terms of the other pages—Fitness will have three additional pages added to it before the end of the year, and I will probably have several blog posts as well throughout the rest of the year.

Adding to the All Things Science page will be a little more sporadic (I’m hoping to add a page once a month, as it will be a fairly in-depth coverage of a subject), but also adding in some blog posts as well.

I’m also thinking of redesigning/renaming the Odds & Ends Bucket List—to the 150+ Challenge in 2002 days, and have both pages and maybe even blog posts associated with it as well.

In addition, I’m thinking of adding in a spirituality page that will cover my rediscovery journey to being a wiccan/pagan.

Finally, I’m hoping to get into a consistent mode where I’m adding to the site weekly (probably different topics), but at the same time helping to improve science education/communications; educate, and just help others who may also feel like they don’t really fit the mold of the current society.