So besides being the first day of October (that means there are only 92 days left in the year), a full moon, it is also National Black Dog Day.

Rolex and Chaos when they could share a chair

This is the day to try to encourage the adoption of a dog that has more dark colored fur. This is because there is still the stigma against dogs (and cats) that have dark fur—they’re less likely to be adopted, but also more likely to be abused or hurt due to the stupid old wives tales from centuries ago.

Rolex deciding she wanted to sit on the plant table

We have two puppies—one is mostly black with white splotches of fur (she is a boxer mix), and the other is brown/black but also has a good amount of white fur as well. Both of these puppies love to play, and lighten the days with their antics.

Chaos sleeping on the bed

If you are a animal lover, aren’t allergic to dogs (or cats), and are able to—brighten the day, both yours and the animal by adopting an dog (or cat) that has dark fur. They are no less deserving of a loving home than the others.