So we are coming up on October’s new moon (either last night, tonight, or maybe tomorrow—again depending on where you are in the world). For me, the new moon is tonight. We’re a little over halfway through October, and that means there are basically 66 days left in 2020; and only a little over 2 weeks until the elections.

So the moon is going to be moving through the Libra constellation over the next day or so (hence, this is the Libra new moon), and that means there are various things we can look at or work on over the next few weeks—such as:

            Look at how you’re relating to other people (difficult to totally assess this year due to the pandemic and self-isolation, but should see if you’re helping more than asking).

            Look into your partnerships (any issues that need addressing?)

            Negotiate—try to bring things into balance if needed.

            Look gorgeous—work on improving your self-image, and self-love.

            Regain your identity—figure out how to resolve any unhealthy co-dependency issues if needed.

The Libra new moon is also moving through my 12th house—or my secret zone. This is the time/house when you really just want to retreat from the world and work things out for a while. In terms of self-care/self-love what are some of the things you could focus on during this time?

            Practice yoga

            Take a break from social media and/or numerous social obligations

            Start a dream journal

            Face one big fear

            Trust your intuition

            Buy a meditation CD & use it every day for a month

            Write poetry from the heart

            Share one of your secrets

So this new moon is actually urging me to find a balance between social obligations and self-care/self-love. In one way it is easy—I’m still self-isolating, and therefore any “meetings” that I would be attending are all virtual. I haven’t actually had a sit-down conversation with someone (outside of family) since March. Looking back at old entries—I’m still working on trying to achieve mental clarity/calmness. One thing I’ve noticed, is that I have a habit of having numerous ‘stories/conversations’ running through my head—and none of them really mean anything, but at times they all spike my anxiety into the zone of not wanting to do anything (giving myself an anxiety attack for no reason).

So what are my goals going to be for the Libra new moon?

            Improve/work on my nightly meditations; I have nature CDs on my iPhone, that I use to listen to when I was meditating. Lately, I’ve just been doing an oracle card reading, interpreting the cards, reading, and then trying to meditate a little before going to sleep. I’m going to try to put the ‘meditation’ between reading and going to bed. Sometimes it’s works better sitting/laying on the floor then reclining on the bed.

            Start trying to tune in more to my intuition/gut instinct. While I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past ten months doing self-reflection, and trying to listen to my inner voice—it is still something that I need to work on daily. I’ve listened to it in terms of turning down potential job leads—most are in research and since I’m not absolutely certain that is the way I want to go, I’m turning things down (as I don’t want to go in a direction, simply because it is the only thing that I know).

            Continue working on regaining my identity. Currently I think the only ‘unhealthy co-dependency issue’ I have is with sweets and I’m working on changing my mindset in terms of food. We’ve all been taught to treat food as ‘good’ versus ‘bad’—when it’s just food, energy for our body. Yes, some may be a little more nutritious than others, but there is no checkpoint in our body that stops calories and questions them on the food source they came from. I’m working on developing an identity that doesn’t revolve around higher education research—an identity that encompasses all of me (strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and faults) and allows me to go through each day feeling like I’m making a difference in the world.

And as I continue moving forward (no matter how small the steps seem) I’m going to be keeping the following phrases/quotes front and center:

“Progress over Perfection”, “You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one”, and “Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make”.