So today is Halloween–a pagan holiday that marks the end of the harvest season and the start of the ‘dark’ half of the year–or winter. Though winter technically doesn’t ‘arrive’ until December 21st (give or take a day).

Usually we would have decorations out in the yard and the porch decorated for the holiday–we love Halloween in this house. Though due to the pandemic–we’re going to be turning off the lights, and not handing out any candy this year. Personally, I don’t think it is safe for trick-or-treating this year–mainly because 1) who knows if the person opening the door is either asymptomatic or not; and 2) I wouldn’t want to be touch anything that was handled by someone else this year.

Hopefully, by this time next year the world as a whole will have a better grasp on the pandemic and we can start to embrace a new normal–the ‘old normal’ needs to die off; as it is partially responsible for getting us into the predicament that we’re currently struggling with.

So if you are going to be going out and celebrating Halloween/Samhain—please be careful. Wear a mask, social distance, and remember to treat each other (and yourself) with grace this year.

I’m going to be curling up with my kindle, a mug of hot tea and reading the night away.

Blessed be…..