So I was debating on whether or not I was going to combine posts or do two separate posts–and I decided to combine.

The first portion of the post is going to be a mini-rant (#sorrynotsorry). The US elections were not quite two weeks ago and they went the way I was hoping–Joe Biden & Kamala Harris were elected the 46th President & Vice-President of the US. Historic first, with the election of Kamala Harris (she’s the first woman & woman of color elected). This isn’t what I’m going to be ranting about–what has me totally flabbergasted is that there were over 71 million people who still voted for the orange blob that is currently residing in the White House.

I don’t understand that–how could anyone vote for him?? The COVID cases in the US are over 11 million (and were over 9 or 10 million on election day), there are over 250K dead, there are major issues with our economy, housing, healthcare, environment, human rights, and it should also be mentioned that he is a serial sexual predator as well. Those issues right there would have me voting for the opposite party if I was a member of that political party and this was their candidate. I can’t understand how anyone (especially white women) could vote for him–unless they’re perfectly fine with all those problems.

I know that everyone is saying that there needs to be conversations between the two sides–I agree to a point. I’m willing to discuss/debate actual issues such as figuring out how to raise money to fix roads, bridges, build schools, improve infrastructure and things like that. I’m not willing to discuss/debate moral issues such as black lives do matter, I don’t care about what is going on in peoples’ bedrooms as long as everyone involved is consenting adults, there is no planet B, families are meant to stay together (not be separated at the boarder)–because unless you can trace both sides of your family back in the US and/or Americas prior to 1492, you are the descendant of either slaves or illegal immigrants (because that is how the US was founded).

So, yes going forward there may or may not be political posts on the blog (I do try to keep them to an absolute minimum)–but I’m also trying to be true to myself and not minimize one part to make the world at large happy. Also should make it known–any and all comments are flagged as spam until I review them. Therefore anything hateful or spiteful will never show up on this site–they’re deleted without hesitation. #goodvibesonly #notimeforhaters

So now to the next topic: Reviewing the Libra New Moon goals before moving on to making the goals for the Scorpio New Moon.

So we’re going to be coming up on November’s new moon this weekend. This means that besides needing to look back at the goals that were set for the October new moon—there are also only 47 days left in 2020. While the election went the way I wanted—we still have 67 days until the new president and vice-president are sworn in, which means there are still 67 days for the current administration to cause problems (and they have been).

But my irritation with that (and the current pandemic) are ideas for another blog post. Here I’m going to look back at the few broad goals that I set for the Libra new moon and see how I did with each of them.

So what were my goals for the Libra new moon?

            Improve/work on my nightly meditations;

            Start trying to tune in to my intuition/gut instinct; and

            Continue working on regaining my identity.

So how did I do with each of them?

            In terms of trying to improve my nightly meditations—I would say that I managed it only about two or three nights. For one thing—I usually forgot to grab my phone and have it near me when I was doing my card reading (therefore I didn’t turn on the nature music when I tried to meditate). One thing I can try to do is set up the iPod and mini speaker. I’m pretty sure I have nature (or at least some classical music) on the iPod—I can have it playing while I’m doing the card reading and then meditating.

            In terms of trying to listen to my intuition/gut instinct more—this is also slow going. I’m tuned in to the fact that I really don’t feel like going into a bench position (though they still do sound interesting)—and the main (current) reason is because of needing to relocate. Until the pandemic is under control in the US, when I start looking for a position it will be something that is remote/online to begin with. Everything is basically boiling down to trust—and I truthfully don’t trust majority of others to be listening to the experts and doing what they’re told.

            In terms of ‘regaining’ my identity—I’m pretty sure that this will always be a work in progress. I’m working on changing my mindset with food—I know that yes, there are certain foods that are better than others; but in all reality there is no thing as ‘good food’ versus ‘bad food’ in terms of overall nutrition—some are just loaded a little differently in terms of contents.

            In terms of developing an identity away from higher education—this is again a work in progress. I have some ideas of what I may like to do (most currently revolve around remote/online/freelancing/self-employment)—I just need to try to actually write out the goals (but have them framed in a more flexible tone of voice). My main goal is to develop a career path/identity that allows me to focus and highlight my strengths while improving some of my weaknesses.

Things may not have gone a hundred percent in terms of meeting the goals—tuning into my body and gut instinct/intuition is something that is going to take time to both cultivate and honor since I’ve spent so many years ignoring them. But there were steps forward in all three areas and that shows that I’ve managed to keep at least one phrase front and center the past month:

“Progress over Perfection”

Small steps lead to large accomplishments over time.