So I realized that I’m about two weeks late in posting my latest workout summary. I managed to finish LIIFT4 mid-month, and then started on 10 Rounds.

LIIFT4 is a combination weightlifting and HIIT workout program—that is only 4 days a week. Which is one of the things that I really love about, it is two days working out one day off, two days working out and then the weekend to recover.

So it had been about two years since I did my first round of LIIFT4—the first time was actually when the program had been released by Beachbody (so it was late summer 2018).

My filled out LIIFT4 weight progression tracker. This was the end of my 1st Round in 2018

2018 wasn’t a good year for me—we had lost three of our dogs (two of which were in October and four days apart). So needless to say—fitness and nutrition wasn’t really on my radar for the last few months of 2018 and for most of 2019.

I’ve only really gotten serious about trying to get back into a workout routine this year (and I would say that it has really only been since June).

So with the second round of LIIFT4 I had managed to get my five pound weights out of storage, I bought a pair of 12 pound weights and I felt a little stronger since I was also coming off of just finishing Morning Meltdown 100.

My weight tracker for my second round of LIIFT4 (excel is a wonderful tool).

I will admit that I lift lighter with some exercises all the way throughout the program—for example the reverse fly I stayed with five pounds more often than not. This was to ensure that I had the correct form. One of the things I’ve realized over the past few years—I have to modify and/or go light on numerous exercises due to my bone structure.

What I mean by that is that I have slight curvature to my arms—they aren’t straight, which means that I also can’t do triceps pushups correctly (so I usually just try to work on normal pushups instead).

So for all of the lifting workouts my weight selections ranged from 2 to 20 pounds (2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 20). For some of the legs where only one dumbbell was needed—I tried to hold two, to have a slight increase in weight (namely for the goblet sumo). I managed that for a week. Then we had an ice storm—there was a couple weeks worth of lawn work, so I went light some days on the weights since I still had work to do in the yards.

Lunges are still a work in progress (with or without the weights)—mainly because of the fact that I’m slightly bow legged and one leg is a little longer than the other. This makes balance at times a little difficult. I do side lunges better than the normal back/forth lunges.

I had also worked in a little yoga booty ballet during the first few weeks of the program on the rest days. I enjoy doing that program because it is more toning and sculpting. While I didn’t finish that program per say—I did manage to do each workout at least once; and I may finish out 2020 with YBB (since I’m suppose to be done with 10 rounds on either Dec 25th or Dec 26th); and that way I can start 2021 (on the 4th) with a program from the start.

The third round of LIIFT4 will possibly be done again sometime in 2021 or possibly in 2022 (depending on what I have planned and if I feel like trying to change things up). But this is a great program for learning how to lift weights and since they’re ‘live’ you aren’t doing the same workout over and over again (at least until you repeat the program).